Monday, October 15, 2012

Germany, 24 Places To Visit In Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein)

Germany may not be an obvious pick for a holiday but don’t be so quick to dismiss it.
The country brims with cultural events and excels among the European hot spots as far as nightlife goes. All you need to do is give it a chance.
Here’s 24 places to put on your must visit list if you ever decide to jump right in and go for it. You really won’t be disappointed. I found if fun and very friendly.

Berchtesgaden National Park

Berlin Wall

Erholungspark Marzahn
Burg Eltz

Würzburg Residence

Aachen Cathedral

Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Cologne Cathedral (Dom)

Dresden Elbe Valley

Museumsinsel (Museum Island)

Old Town of Regensburg

Wies Church

Weimar Museums

Sanssouci Park

Old Town of Quedlinburg


Maulbronn Abbey (Kloster Maulbronn)


Schlenkerla Brewery and Tavern

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

Miniatur Wunderland

BMW Museum


  1. so nice posts i really like this so much............

  2. I have always wanted to visit Germany. These photos have only enhanced my anxiousness to visit. I hope to go in 2017.


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