Saturday, October 29, 2011

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Beauty of Deep Water

Most Beautiful Geological Wonders

01. Great Blue Hole
Outside of Belize, a country in South America, is almost perfectly circular hole whose diameter is 0.4 km. The water depth in this hole -145 m, which gives it a deep blue color. Tourists from around the world are immersed in the great blue hole in Belize, to admire the amazing species of fish in its clear waters. It is believed that this magnificent geological object formed billions of years ago, when the water rose above the caves.

02. Eye of the Sahara
In the Sahara Desert in Mauritania is one of the most amazing geological wonders, Eye of the Sahara, which is also called the structure Rishat. In the middle of the bare desert land can be seen like a bull's eye formation, with a diameter of 50 km. The crews of space ships even use eye Sahara as a guide. Initially anticipated that the eye has been called the Sahara of a meteorite on Earth. But now scientists believe that this creature was formed geological uplift and erosion of land.

Salt Mines Of Poland

Several centuries in the Polish mine was mined salt.Mine grew, and shortly after its closure, it was open for tours. Amazing stuff can be found in this deep cave.

The Crooked Forest

With their trunks all bent the northward, these trees look like something straight out of one of the more uncomfortable fairy tales.

Very Beautiful Gardens Around The World

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