Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Touring notes: Guatemala (Videos)

Guatemala (meaning the Land of Many Trees) is a very attractive touring destination. It has about the same area (100,000 km2) and population (11,000,000) as Portugal.
It offers the highest mountains and volcanoes in Central America; the most amazing and numerous archaeogical wonders in Central America; friendly people - the largest population of native Americans outside Perú, many still wearing traditional native costume and speaking native languages;

Colourful markets; an extraordinary variety of scenery - highland pine forests, untouched lowland rain-forests with extensive wildlife and great stands of desert cactus; a spring-like climate in the highlands; hot springs; etc.

In fact it has everything and more than the rest of Central America put together, apart from beaches and coral reefs. Moreover, with the application of a little common sense, the tourist need expose himself to no worse a security risk than many European touring destinations.


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