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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Photo: Monaco

Glitz, glamour, and the good life are always on offer in sun-soaked Monaco.
Photograph by Sergio Pitamitz/CORBIS
Tucked into the Maritime Alps, hard on the Mediterranean, this tiny principality between the French and Italian Rivieras covers not quite a square mile of territory. • But oh, what territory! • The world-famous Monte Carlo Casino, the Princeís Palace, and the Salle Garnier opera house merely top the list of must-see attractions. • Then, of course, thereís the incomparable people-watching. • The World Music Awards, the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, and the Monaco Yacht Show just begin to suggest the extent of the glittering gatherings on Monacoís overflowing social calendar. 

 Monte Carlo from Monaco

 Port of Monaco from the Palace

 Guards at the Monaco Palace

 The Old Casino in Monte Carlo

 Place du Casino, Monaco

 Larvotto Beach, Monaco

 Elegant Hotel de Paris, Monaco

Rooftop garden, Monaco

Fast Facts

Monaco; 34,000
2 square kilometers (1 square miles)
French, English, Italian, Monegasque
Roman Catholic
Life Expectancy:
GDP per Capita:
U.S. $27,000
Literacy Percent:
Flag: Monaco
Map: Monaco
Monaco occupies a mostly rocky strip of land on France's Mediterranean coast. An unparalleled luxury resort since the mid-19th century, Monaco has a reputation that belies its size. Millions come to Monaco each year for the beachfront hotels, the yacht harbor, the Opera House, and the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Wealthy residents benefit from no income tax. The House of Grimaldi has ruled since 1297, except between 1793 and 1814—Prince Albert is the current monarch. Tourism and gambling drive the economy, and it is also a major banking center.
  • Industry: Tourism, banking, construction, small-scale industrial and consumer products
  • Agriculture: NA
  • Exports: NA
—Text From National Geographic Atlas of the World, Eighth Edition


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