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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Europe's Borderland (National Geographic)

Photo: Slovenia's Lake Bled

Slovenia's Lake Bled

Photograph by Aaron Huey
Kayakers skim across Slovenia's Lake Bled as dusk descends. The lake is famous for its island—the only natural island in Slovenia—upon which a church has stood since the 15th century.

Photo: Julian Alps

Julian Alps

Photograph by Aaron Huey
From a peak-side perch in the Julian Alps, Slovenian hiker Joze Flajs surveys the landscapes of three nations: Slovenia, Italy, and Austria.

Photo: Bela Krajina

Bela Krajina

Photograph by Aaron Huey
Land of traditional farmsteads and centuries-old wineries, the region of Bela Krajina, in Slovenia's southeastern corner, draws visitors with its pastoral ambience.

Photo: Modern Gallery, Zagreb

Modern Gallery in Zagreb

Photograph by Aaron Huey
Works by Croatian artists are showcased at the Modern Gallery in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

Photo: Oriszentpeter, Hungary

Oriszentpeter, Hungary

Photograph by Aaron Huey
A resident of the old Hungarian town of Oriszentpeter pauses in a doorway. Oriszentpeter lies in Orseg National Park, a rural landscape of small farms and meadow-blanketed valleys near western Hungary's border with Slovenia.

Photo: Chinese lantern flowers

Chinese Lantern Flowers

Photograph by Aaron Huey
Crimson-hued Chinese lantern flowers brighten a garden in the centuries-old farming town of Oriszentpeter, Hungary.

Photo: Piran, Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia

Photograph by Aaron Huey
A soft Adriatic sunset gilds Venetian-style buildings lining the central piazza of Piran, Slovenia, a port town that was once part of the Republic of Venice.

Photo: Slovenian wedding guests

Slovenian Wedding Guests

Photograph by Aaron Huey
Like mother, like daughter: The celebration of a Slovenian wedding finds guests wearing hand-embroidered folk garb.

Photo: Gleinstätten, Austria

Gleinstätten, Austria

Photograph by Aaron Huey
A painterly light illuminates a small lake in the Austrian town of Gleinstätten, known for hiking, cycling, and excellent wine.

Photo: Piazzale della Transalpina

Border Crossings

Photograph by Aaron Huey
Piazzale della Transalpina on the border of Italy and Slovenia in the towns of Gorizia and Nova Gorica.

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