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United Kingdom

Photo: Big Ben
An iconic double-decker bus flashes through London's popular Piccadilly Circus.
Photograph by Gillian Fisher, My Shot
The Edwardians, Victorians, the new Elizabethans. • Chaucer, Dickens, Shakespeare. • Churchill. • The Beatles. • As the crow flies, it's 900 miles from Land's End in southwest Cornwall to John o'Groats in northeast Scotland, yet this storied archipelago is a historical heavyweight whose politics and literature, arts and architecture have done as much as those of any nation to shape our world. • The smorgasbord that is Britain is as rich as its justly famous breakfasts—and every bit as gratifying.

Photo: Millennium Bridge at dusk
Photograph by Philip Cozzolino,
Looking at Saint Paul's and the Millennium Bridge in London

Photo: Sun setting over the water of Dorset's Durdle Door
Photograph by Narahari Grama Sri,
Durdle Door is one of Dorset's most recognizable features. On a clear day you can see along the Jurassic Coast westward toward Portland and eastward toward Man of War Bay and Lulworth Cove 
Taken in the English countryside near Devonshire.
Photograph by Dan Evans,
Taken in the English countryside near Devonshire

Photo: Interior of London's City Hall
Photograph by Dariusz Boron,
Open architecture weekend in London, England. This is London's City Hall, designed by Foster and Partners.

Photo: Interior of Manchester Cathedral, England
Photograph by Kevin Byrne,
Morning shot in Manchester Cathedral, England

Photo: Mine house sits on the Cornwall coast
Photograph by Sebastian Wasek,
Botallack Mine is situated in the St Just Mining District, one of the most ancient hard-rock tin and copper mining areas in Cornwall. The lower of the two engine houses was built in 1835 to pump water from the mine. The higher engine house was built in 1862 to provide winding power for the Boscawen Diagonal Shaft, which ran out under the sea.

Photo: Cliffords Tower in York, England
Photograph by Philip Connor,
Cliffords Tower in York, England

Photo: Hallway in the London Tube subway
Photograph by Elena Baroni, t
How to describe London‚ one of the great walking cities of the world. I had fun riding the tubes all day as well. Wow! Talk about crowded. Pricey place to stay but worth every pound. Endless things to see and do in London. Here is one of the pictures I took during my time off from work. I took this photo at Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. I get a bit of vertigo when I look at this image. It happens every time I start down the stairs in most tube stations. They seem somehow steeper to me than usual.

Photo: Bus at Night near London's Big Ben
Photograph by Magda Caloian,
My first impression of Big Ben, the Parliament and London's double-deckers on a cool February evening.

Photo: Stonehenge
Photograph by Caylin Gans,

Photo: Beach in Westbay in Dorset on the south coast of England
Photograph by Mark Stickland,
This is Westbay in Dorset on the south coast of England. I love the texture of the sea on the sand.

Photo: Atlantic gray seal on beach Donna Nook in Lincolnshire England
Photograph by Sebastian Wasek,
Atlantic grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) on Donna Nook beach, Lincolnshire, England

Photo: Lake District with clouds overhead
Photograph by Erik Harrison,
Typical Lake District weather in England always provides some amazing light.

Photo: Light shining through the cloisters at Durham Cathedral in England
Photograph by Piali Das Gupta,
Light shining through the cloisters at Durham Cathedral in England

Photo: Saint Michaels Tower in south west England
Photograph by Karen Wood,
Glastonbury Tor, in southwest England, is crowned by St Michael's Tower. Although the tower was rebuilt in the 15th century, evidence of humans on the Tor dates back to the Neolithic.

Photo: Phone booths in London England
Photograph by Greg Vivash,
The red public telephone box, first designed in 1924 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. In Britain many of these have been replaced by modern stainless steel and glass designs. However, the iconic red box still exists in London, some small villages and a number of British colonies. The image shows three from a row of five boxes in Covent Garden, London.

Photo: Night at Trafalgar Square
Photograph by Rick Wianecki,
This was taken on a nice early summer night in Trafalgar Square. Everything came together, the people just enjoying being outdoors on a lovely evening!

Photo: Archway in Oxford England
Photograph by Lauralee Settles,
This is a photo taken in Oxford, England. I was inspired to take this photo because of one of my favorite quotes: "When one door closes another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." This is exemplified by the contrast of dark and light—we cannot change the past but we can move forward and we can learn from our past mistakes to create a better future.

Photo: Victorian Water Tower in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire at Night
Photograph by Nicholas Gray,
Victorian Water Tower in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, is a Grade 2 listed building that has been unused for some time. It's taken me a few months to get this shot right thanks to the weather. The tower is lit by the moon while street lights and traffic create a backlight effect. Exposure was four minutes to get a slight streak in the stars.

Photo: A statue of a Roman soldier overlooking the Roman Baths in Bath, England
Photograph by Wei Ping Teoh,
A statue of a Roman soldier overlooking the Roman Baths in Bath, England

Photo: Deer at sunrise
Photograph by Stephen Darlington,
Red deer photographed one misty morning in Bushy Park (on the southwest edge of London, England). It was October and I was hoping to capture the red deer stags clashing (as it was the rutting season). This stag was more interested in grazing, so as the sun rose, the mist started to burn away, giving the lovely golden light, and I captured the deer as it glanced in the direction of another stag bellowing in the distance.

Photo: London Bridge with traffic at night
Photograph by Jackson Voelkel,
In late 2008 and early 2009 I spent my time traveling through the European countryside living on organic farms and working for my stay. Very rarely would I get to go into the city while in Great Britain, so on one freezing night in London I tried to do as much as possible. My biggest desire: to photograph Tower Bridge. Once I arrived I was shocked at the colors and the activity that took place on top!

Photo: Guard in front of Buckingham Palace
Photograph by Shanna Hillebrand,
Buckingham Palace, London

Photo: Horse walking along a track in England
Photograph by Teresa Morey,
Taken in December 2009. A quaint town in England that is known for its horses and horse racing. Every morning they would exercise the horses, rain or shine. I felt this image captured exactly what you would expect from England and reminds me of when I lived there.

Photo: Castle garden in morning light
Photograph by Bill Lockhart,
It had rained for days, but on this morning the light fell on the castle at sunrise. The garden proved to be a good location to frame the scene.

Photo: Boats moored at Looe Harbour in Cornwall England
Photograph by Ray Evans, 
Boats moored at Looe Harbour, Cornwall, England, against the scenic backdrop of quaint cottages

Photo: Man sea bass fishing in Cornwall England during winter
Photograph by Henry Gilbey,
Sea bass fishing in Cornwall (UK) during lively winter conditions. The fisherman is caught out by a crashing wave that threatens to knock him off the rocks.

Photo: Gannet birds at Bempton Coastal Reserve England
Photograph by Kevin Smith,
At Bempton Cliffs Reserve in England, gannet breeding ledges are at a premium, causing much aggression between competing families.

Photo: Participants in the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath England
Photograph by Christopher Jones,
Participants in the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England, pause in the Royal Crescent.

Photo: A sheep-farm in Garsdale, West Yorkshire, England
Photograph by David Wogan,
A sheep farm in Garsdale, West Yorkshire, England

Photo: Sunrise in Holy Island, Northumberland, England
Photograph by David Wogan,
Sunrise at Lindisfarne, Holy Island, Northumberland, England

Photo: Horse and carriage at Warwick castle

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