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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Leo Burnett Office Interior by HASSELL

The Leo Burnett Office Interior by HASSELL

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HASSELL designed the interior of the Leo Burnett advertising agency office in Sydney, Australia.

The Leo Burnett Office Interior by HASSELL
HASSELL created a distinctive new interior for advertising agency Leo Burnett’s Sydney office, approaching the design by developing a deep understanding the basic elements of spaces that foster the company’s values of community, creatively and efficiency.
Reflecting the core social and interactive nature of the way a creative agency works, the layout is open, spacious and filled with natural light. Thought provoking spaces encourage the ‘generation of big ideas.’

People regularly visit the kitchen to drink and eat so the simple concept of the “kitchen table” was developed as the basis for community. This simple concept is layered to create a communal gathering space with adjacent meeting areas and becomes a hub for the community.
Creativity is fostered by making the ‘work’ and creative process visible in the belief that creativity is a collaborative process. The workplace is open, light and connected to the surroundings to reflect the creative process.

Pitching for new business is a vital function. The ‘pitch’ space is purposely located away from the entry to create a journey that would tell the story of the agency. The journey starts with LCD’s showing rotating images of staff and then continues past the workplace and communal area, telling the story of the process and the culture of the agency.
Building on these foundations, HASSELL related the design to the gritty urban/industrial context of Walsh Bay with a layering of raw materials like plywood ceilings, exposed services, timber floorboards, a brick reception wall and timber screens

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