Monday, March 7, 2011

Concept Art by Alexander Preuss


Concept artist and designer Alexander Preuss isn’t really from Germany. I think he’s from another planet. Preuss’ futuristic concept designs and matte paintings depict a world that exists in the distant future. While he uses, primarily, CG to do his work, he also utilizes traditional techniques to finish them out and give them a very polished look. I wouldn’t mind spending a day inside his creative mind, that’s for sure!

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I work here as lead concept artist, modeler and z-brusher at Egosoft Gmbh in Wuerselen. 
My career started 1995 as a sub employe at Egosoft on a comercial game called “Imperium Romanum”. In the following years i had a lot of interesting projects, and i managed it to become the Art Director at Egosoft. 
I work in the CG industry now for 14 Years and during this time i acquired serious and proven skills involving managing larger projects, developing art as concept work or as final high detailed artwork ready for print and working with teams to achieve their highest possible motivation for the project.I have experience with a large range of up to date graphic software and major skills with 3ds-max and photoshop as also good knowledge with Zbrush, Flash and Blender.

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