Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poland, Warsaw Today - Heart Of Poland in a Glimpse

Today Warsaw - capital city of Poland. Warsaw isn't the oldest town in Poland, but it's dfinitely the biggest one. It is estimating, that in Warsaw lives more than 2 millions people. What is amazing, 0,5 million of people arrive every day from outside the city to their work.

Warsaw is the center of culture, bussines, science, politic and art. 
There are many univesities, museums, theaters, bussines objects such as Polish stock and political institutions like Polish parliament. Warsaw is also hosting many sports events as Euro 2012. In 2003 in Warsaw amount of bussines investitions was more than 700 millions euro.

Warsaw produces 13,3 % of the whole Polish GDP!.
In Warsaw there are 66 universities, among them the best Polish schools like Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw University

Warsaw has one subway line from North to South. This is also the only one subway in Poland. Building of the underground  started in 1983 and ended in 2008. Whole line has 23 km. In plans, before Euro 2012, there is  the second line from East to West under the Vistula river.

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