Monday, October 15, 2012

Poland, Morksie Oko - Famous Polish Mountain Lake

                                                           Morskie Oko - Tatra mountains

Mountaineers from Tatra Mountains say that, the Morskie Oko is in some mystery way connected with the Adriatic. Once even, a tresure from the corsair's ships was picked up from it. Hence the name of the lake - Morskie Oko  - it means The Eye of the Sea.

                                                                         Lake in the winter

Morskie Oko is the largest Tatra lake (almost 40 ha) and the fourth of the deepest (50 meters). It is picturesquely located over the Tatra forests and surrounded by the mountain peaks (full of magnificent trees). In the very clean and transparent cold water live trouts and graylings.

                                                        Morskie Oko in the High Tatra

In the late XIX and XX there was a conflict between Poland (then Galicja) and Hungary over Morksie Oko. Finally, after several dozen of years, the lake was granted to the Poland. Now, the lake is far away from Hungarian border, but very close, to the Slovakia. Morskie Oko lies at the foot of the highest Polish Tatra mountain peak - Rysy and Rysy is exactly on Polish-Slovakia border.

                                     Morskie Oko in the High Tatra
In the time of quarrel with Hungary, Morskie Oko became popular and fashionable. Many Polish artists were visiting Tatra Mountains. The lake started to show in Polish literature and painting. Polish literature from XIX is full of admiration of mountaineers culture and Tatra views. Currently Morskie Oko is besieged by tourists. In some periods in the year like in long weekend in may, the lake and the road to the Rysy peak is very, very crowded. Unfortunately such amount of people isn't a good thing to the Tatra's lake. Every year large amounts of garbage have to be removed from the lake.

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